MGB group



Established in 1979 under the name LES ÉQUIPEMENTS M.G.B., the Company started out as a used power equipment dealer. It then maximized its technical knowhow, focusing on the quality of its refurbished products to stay ahead of the competition.

That division is now known as M.G.B. TRANSFORMERS and has one of the largest stock of used switchgear, circuit breakers and power transformers in Canada.

In 2012, with the opening of its new shop, it started offering winding, repair, rewinds, modifications and testing of dry type and liquid filled power transformers.




Created in 2000, M.G.B. ELECTRIC is a manufacturer of low and medium voltage switchgear and pre-engineered buildings (E-Houses). It is CSA approved for switchgear up to 35kV, 170kV BIL and for busducts (600V, 6000A and 15kV, 4000A).

With its sheet metal shop and paint booth, it can also offer a wide range of metal components, such as outdoor enclosures, replacement switchgear doors and aluminium brackets for medium voltage utility metering.

In 2016, the Company innovates with its new switchgear structure assembly made of aluminium extrusion for both low and medium voltage. A new line of arc resistant switchgear is then launched covering types 1A to 2BC for 5 to 36kV voltage classes.


A leader in his field

Both divisions make the M.G.B. GROUP, which employs over seventy persons, amongst them four engineers, designers, draftsmen, and many switchgear, welding and winding specialists.

Today, the M.G.B. GROUP manufactures switchgear and E-Houses, carries a huge stock of used/refurbished power apparatus and provides power transformer winding and repair services to all players of North America’s large industry.